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    Mural Painting

    Mural Painting

    Whether you are looking for a one of a kind nursery, a special bedroom or play space for the youngest members of the family, or some added atmosphere for the dining room, foyer, or powder bath a painted touch could be just right.

    Styles and colors change, and that is just as it should be! What does not change is listening to your goals, planning within your budget, and painting your ideas to life.

    Turn your wall or ceiling into a work of art with creative unique custom wall murals by Kansas City mural artists at Artistic Trades.

    Murals are not like other paintings. They have a different purpose, a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them. They are public art in the best sense, because they are actually created in public, with the community looking on. Good public art says something about the community. It says, this is who we are or, this is what we think, this is where we came from, this is what we want. And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy.